What is the JuiceFS?

JuiceFS is a Storage Platform for the Modern Cloud. JuiceFS is a Multi-Container / Multi-OS Shared Fleet POSIX Filesystem. JuiceFS reduces cost, reduces maintenance, lets you iterate faster, and turn storage into a strategic asset with the first cloud-first Storage Fabric.


JuiceFS is a modern cloud-first/fleet-first storage fabric that lets you scale to Petabyte workloads while still giving you the advantages of a standard POSIX filesystem.

JuiceFS can seamlessly scale filesystems across fleets of containers or OS instances and doesn’t require a fixed amount of replication cost or block storage to operate.

JuiceFS removes almost all the limits faced with bucket storage system and filesystem solutions provided by cloud providers

JuiceFS’s storage framework allows you to maintain strict security leveraging your cloud providers native features. Our company never sees your data. JuiceFS is a data management layer that builds on top of the cloud provider’s native storage.


  • Data Science: Get 10x faster results from your data science workloads
  • Hadoop: speed up workloads and reduce storage/maintenance costs by 30-300x.
  • Fleet/Container Management: POSIX filesystems at 1/10th the cost
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery: Seamless Multi-Zone and Heterogeneous-Cloud Replication
  • Compliance: All The Benefits of Your Cloud Provider’s Security Infrastructure and More
  • Privacy: JuiceData never sees your data. Your data remains in your cloud under your control.


JuiceFS looks like a standard filesystem to each OS/Container instance, but underneath JuiceFS is a sophisticated storage management framework.

The data management framework manages replication, storage management, synchronization and providing a POSIX interface by leveraging your cloud provider’s object storage system. This gives you all the maintenance and security benefits of your cloud provider while giving your data teams all the agile benefits of a standard POSIX filesystem. No need to copy terabytes or petabytes of data to intermediate storage before processing, no expensive maintenance contracts or dedicated maintenance staff needed, no custom coding needed.

Our company never sees your data. Each JuiceFS client directly stores to your cloud provider’s object store never touching our servers.

Use Cases

  • JuiceFS for Multi-Zone/Multi-Region Replication
  • JuiceFS for Multi Cloud Replication
  • JuiceFS for HDFS workloads
  • JuiceFS for Container Fleets (Kubernetes)
  • JuiceFS for Data Science
  • JuiceFS for Business Continuity

For more detail please check out Use Cases.


We never see your data, JuiceFS only manages metadata (file names, dates, replication status, etc) and directs each OS instance to write directly to the cloud providers object store. Your data stays on your cloud provider and if you’ve enabled cross-cloud replication, the replication happens at the OS client level. Your data never touches our server. Your firm never incurs extra liability using JuiceFS and all the data security and safety policies of your cloud provider directly apply to data stored in JuiceFS.