Move Fast

JuiceFS helps you grow faster by providing a POSIX filesystem for you to operate object storage with high performance and strong consistency.


All your data is stored in the object store you chose. You can easily create replicas backed by more than one object storage service provider.

Save Money

JuiceFS can scale on demand. You only pay for the space you use. JuiceFS is 10x less expensive than similar solutions.

JuiceFS vs. Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS JuiceFS
Protocol NFS FUSE
Accessilibity Single VPC Anywhere
Replication Replicated to Any Cloud or Region
Snapshot Atomic Snapshot
Directory Statistics
Disk Cache
Performance Determined by Size Unlimited
Price $0.30/GB/Month $0.02/GB/Month*
* Cost of object storage is not incluced

JuiceFS vs. S3FS

S3FS JuiceFS
Consistency Eventual Consistency Strong Consistency
Renaming Copy and Delete Atomic
Directory Prefix of Objects First Class Object
Random Write
Unix Permissions
Symlink / Hardlink
Directory Statistics
Disk Cache
Metadata Latency 20-200ms 1-5ms
Price $0.023/GB/Month $0.02/GB/Month*
* Data is highly compressed in object storage. You will pay less space for object storage services


Without maintaining a storage cluster, JuiceFS help us solve the problem of sharing a huge amount of data across all machines, very convenient and easy to use.
Geo replication of JuiceFS works like RAID-1, we never need to worry about consistency anymore.

Supported Cloud Providers

Supported Regions Across the World

The POSIX File System for the Cloud

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